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If you wind up in Internet  Neverland instead of at LeagueSys.Net or back here we are still at work!

Please be patient.


WHY is https://www.LeagueSys.Net offline?

bullet LeagueSys performs database backups between 5:00am and 6:00am CST time.
bullet At other times we might be making upgrades, security changes, or applying fixes.
bullet In other words we take good care of your/our data.  We are in this together. 
bullet We make at least 4 copies of your data daily, besides the data you get to see.
bullet We keep the data in at least 4 different locations, nicely organized.
bullet Running a league is tough enough, we don't expect you to save your own data.
bullet Keeping track of millions of games of pool is not something we take lightly.
bullet We don't want to type it all in again, nor do we want you to type it in again.
bullet Besides, what are you doing up at this ungodly hour?  Just getting in? 
bullet Ahhh, maybe you are behind in your scoring!  Pool players.  Gotta love'em!
bullet Nevermind.  You might not be on Central Daylight Savings Time.
bullet And YES we paid our bill and NO, they did not turn us off.  Pool players.  Sheesh.
bullet So, take a victory lap, have another cup of coffee (or whatever you are drinking.)

SHORTLY, https://www.LeagueSys.Net will be be back online.

Thank you for your patience ... and for your business ... and chalk's cheap.

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